Ardyss International: Can You Still Go From Rags to Riches?


My! My! My! It seems almost dreamy that a network marketing or multi-level marketing opportunity can legitimately create vast wealth in ordinary regular people in the United States and other nations across the globe–right? It seems too good to be true when you first hear about such opportunities. However, if truth be told when you look a little deeper into the core of the business model the story begins to unfold.

It is so true that many people in the United States and across the globe already purchase from companies that have a networking marketing business model and they have no clue! It is so true that you and I have purchased products from such companies such as Walmart, Sears, Target, and Macy’s that HELP distribute everyday products ALL DAY EVERY DAY! BUT, here is the KICKER many many many people don’t get paid. Nope, not one dime. Yet, they happily open up their purse strings and practically give away their hard earned money.

Now, here is the beauty of a network marketing opportunity if you are fortunate enough to have one drop in your lap:

1. You can get out of dept at an accelerated rate with an attractive compensation plan.
2. You can help many many people including people you know and don’t know improve their lives and status. –Imagine being able to help people get out of persistent tough times:)
3. You can earn a lucrative income by sharing where you purchase value-driven products.
4. You can buy your brand new car or brand new home.
5. You can travel much more–My personal favorite:)

All this and sooo much more! Yes, you have got to work hard what multi-millionnaire doesn’t work hard? And, Yes you will reap your rewards that YOU TRULY DESERVE AS A LIVING BREATHING HUMAN BEING!

Here is an internationally known opportunity that I’m dropping into your lap that focuses on Health, Wealth, and Power–ARDYSS INTERNATIONAL! I’m so proud of this company and its longevity. The folks in the video will tell you their testimony. What will be your testimony? Begin by experiencing the amazing products and business opportunities @

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Ardyss International Building Kingdom Millionnaires–Whaaaaaattt?


Jewel Tankard a well known multimillionaire is a Co-pastor of her and her husband’s church in Tennessee. Jewel is super passionate about narrowing the gap between multimillionaires and Christians in every community. I love that she is tuned into the fact that many Christians fail to realize that it is their Kingdom right to live wealthy and experience an abundant life without any lack. It is unfortunate that the poor believers can be sitting next to multimillionaire believer in the pew and not know it. Why? Because often times, the church (the people) wants to muzzle the testimonies of the rich because of this mind-set of “lets not brag now etc etc”. In my opinion, it is ridiculous to keep quiet about how God who is wealthier than the wealthiest has blessed You and I. How can He receive the glory that is due to him or even attract unbelievers to His Kingdom. SMH.

My people, my people…like the good book said “my people perish because of lack of knowledge”. If anything, please get knowledge after watching the video.!

Here is how Jewel first got her millions in network marketing via Ardyss International. Now, this opportunity is not coming to you by mistake @ Sign up today and Be Holy and Be Wealthy at the same time. Tick…Tock…Tick…Tock.

“It is I who gives you the power to create wealth”-Deut 8:18.

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Customized Gift Box: House of Beautiful Hair


Here is a short video clip I promised to show you about the beautiful gift boxes that the House of Beautiful Hair bundle gets shipped in. They evidently keep all things beautiful right to your front door. As mentioned before you can purchase the whole sale priced hair at Go the the back office login page to register for free to get access to the whole sale prices. The hair arrives within about 4 business days since the hair gets shipped from within the U.S..

Hear My Review Of House Of Beautiful Hair Weave Bundles


House of Beautiful Hair is a legitimate online hair weave business that pre-launched in 2013, and is currently in its pre-launch phase giving presentations across the United States. Customers are raving about the silky Brazilian hair styles and the lustrous Peruvian hair styles. So, of course I had to check it out for myself. I have to say I received my shipment in less than four says and a beautiful customized House of Beautiful Hair gift box (I’ll show you that in my next post). When I opened up the box, it was like opening up a box of really good candy. But, the test was whether the hair would perform up to its fame of being virgin hair, that is unprocessed (i.e. not mixed with synthetic hair), 5 A grade (top grade for hair weave), no shedding, no matting etc etc.

Check out my first review in the video.

If your interested in testing out the hair go to Go to the Back Office Login Page to register as a free customer. When you register, you get access to purchase the celebrity style hair at the whole sale prices.

Residual Income With House of Beautiful Hair Online Biz-True or False?


Residual income is pretty much earning money over and over again with a repeated duplicated process. This is what makes network marketing or multi-level marketing successful in creating sustained thousandaires and millionnaires. Which one would you like to be from today? Well, the key to successful residual income is having a generous compensation plan, leveraging on the success of the team members that you recruit once they receive adequate training and guidance from you and/or identified top sellers within your organization. For consistent residual income that you leverage from your team members, it is important that you as their sponsor provide them with training/recruiting tools that areImage

simple, proven successful, and user-friendly that anyone who has the desire to have a change in financial status and is willing to commit to the process can win, and win BIG!  So, understanding this, when I was introduced to the House of Beautiful Hair business opportunity, I was excited about the product, but wondered whether residual income is really a possibility.  My sponsor introduced me to the live training calls/webinars and archives of training to get me started–I didn’t feel alone. Then I got acquainted with some simple tools that have been used over and over and over again that has helped even MEN reach platinum level in a short period of time (I’ll post a testimony by platinum men in my next post).

Anyway, within about 90 days I got into the swing of things by doing three way calls and sharing our 3 minute sizzle opportunity call. Plus, I have got a lot of leads with my Youtube videos. I’m learning alot and reaching greater heights in this biz and I’m not stressed out or frustrated. Why? Because, I’m just using the simple tools provided by House of Beautiful Hair, duplicating the process, and of course seeing the lovely emails that come through that say “you have a pending check from house of beautiful hair-congratulations!”. I love it!

To know for yourself, if the possibility of residual income can be true or false for you just register a customer rep for only $9.97! Yes, I was super surprised as well that I can own my website for less than $10/month unlike other companies that ask for $200. To begin making residual you only need to start with the purchase of any two bundles of hair so you can check out the product–you will love it! As mentioned before, this biz in is pre-launch, and this is why it is only $9.97 for a LIMITED TIME. Get moving now to make residual income in a new way Click on back office login to register, purchase just two bundles, upgrade to customer rep and GET YOUR CHECKS. I look forward to hearing about your experience.

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History Of Network Marketing and Pyramids-Must Watch!!


This video confirmed to me what I already loved and enjoyed about the great potential of network marketing. However, it provided me with greater insight on the positive impact that founders of network marketing had provided to the United States economy during the Great Depression. This video also provides insight on the difference between network marketing and pyramids–Thank goodness I found this video for those who are still confused about whether or not there is a difference.

People’s Attitude Towards Money


Why is it that when some people are offered another opportunity to make additional income, they say “I’ll join you when I have money?”. Mind you, these same people are searching for different ways to make money outside their regular jobs. I think some people who want to make additional income outside their normal 9-5 are not taught to be business minded. They have been taught to find a job, be at the mercy of the employer, let the employer control your life by controlling your income etc etc. If our culture could teach people from high-school and so on about a new way of living, and alternatives to making money, then MAYBE people would understand the business mind. In other words, folks like Warren Buffet and Oprah Winfrey are successful because they understand to make money you need to spend some money–that is, a little investment is needed at the beginning.

I think the reason why people are still in the job force is because they lack knowledge to get out, lazy to try something new, and maybe secretly believe they do not have the bandwidth to be legitimately wealthy. Moreover, maybe some people have the attitude that that they need to work really hard for someone to give them a paycheck every two weeks or so.
My take is, enough is enough! People should not be afraid of seeking others methods to make money–SMARTER AND NOT HARDER.

My friend who said to me “I’ll join you when I have money”–evidently does not understand business and investment. But, I am a patient and I introduced her to a network marketing opportunity call with House of Beautiful Hair Online Hair Weave Biz. It is so buzz worthy because it gives people an opportunity to tap into the $10 Billion dollar industry. Check out

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