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Diabetes- Eric was struggling with diabetes to the extent of requiring 5 shots of insulin per day. Once introduced to Red LeVive, he began taking 3 shots of LeVive per day, one ounce at a time. Within ONE WEEK, he was no longer requiring insulin. He says that he is a NEW person.

High Blood Pressure – Tracy had been taking 2 types of medication for her High Blood Pressure and 2 shots of insulin and medication for diabetes for 6 years. Her blood pressure would be 200 over 110. It was NEVER normal . She began taking the RedLeVive (2 oz twice per day) and Green LeVive ( 2 oz at night). Upon her next doctor visit (which was once per month) she was informed that she no longer had to take medication or shots and did not require monthly doctor visits and could return one year later. All of her numbers were normal.

Cancer – Pastor Glenn John was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer and it was predicted that he had 7 months to live. He refused the traditional route of chemotherapy or other forms of treatment but instead, upon hearing about the tremendous results from LeVive, he began drinking one bottle per day. Within one week, the excruciating pain began to subside. As he continued drinking the LeVive, his numbers began to improve. By the time 7 months came around, they could NOT find the cancer in his body.

Obesity -Robbi was very ill, taking over 28 medications per day for cancer, highblood pressure, arthritis, etc. She was very depressed. She was referred to our Nutri-Shake and within one month lost over 28 lbs and was able to get off of all 28 medications.

Please listen to this 6 minute recorded Testimonial call to hear more detailed information about these and other testimonies to assist you. The number to the 24 hour recorded call is (559) 726-1299 pin 326303#.

To get the Ardyss product experience go ahead and purchase our amazing nutritional products at and body reshaping products that are medically graded and created by orthopedic doctors to gradually melt away stubborn . Additionally, our natural African Arabic Coffee and Cappuccino has proven nutritional ingredients to boost the immune system, reduce sugar intake, help with weight loss, and slow the aging process on the skin

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Black Gold Puts Green In Your Wallet: House of Beautiful Hair-Love it!


Watch this humorous, insightful and instructional video presentation of how ANYONE who is into amazing celebrity human hair or not you can for only $9.97. The House of Beautiful Hair is a ground floor business opportunity that is still in its pre-launch phase, and thus, you can join this national group for only $ 9.97. This is a “no brainer” opportunity to build your own thriving income generating home-based business with a product that is an existing $10 Billion dollar in demand product from woman all across the globe. Just sit and share this 30 minute video to anyone you know that loves whole sale glamorous and/or desires to make a lucrative income by joining the business. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

If you are ready to rock and roll your way into an income generating super glam opportunity then join now here

1. Register for free via the Back Office Login Page
2. Purchase your two bundles choice of hair (Brazilian/Peruvian)
3. Go back to your profile page and upgrade to customer rep.

4. Check out the FAQ and Earnings tab to answer any of your questions.

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What’s in your coffee? Wake Up Healthy & Wealthy With De Leon Cafe (Ardyss)


What's in your coffee? Wake Up Healthy & Wealthy With De Leon Cafe (Ardyss)

Must watch video (just click on the picture)! Ardyss International has a well-established transformational coffee line known as De Leόn Café. This innovative coffee line has a perfectly balanced blend of formulas with exceptional flavor, aroma, and significant health benefits. Ardyss uses the highest quality of Coffee Bean – Arabica Coffee Bean from Africa that out qualifies the competition.

Here are some benefits:
WEIGHT LOSS – Try the Green Tea, or Original Black Coffee and Cappuccino line – They contain Ganodorma and Omega 3 that converts Fat to Energy, lowers sugar level, works with nervous system, and keeps you alert. Also lowers cholesterol and triglycerides

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DIABETES – Try the Sweet Balance line Cappuccino and Black Coffee line – They Ganoderma, Cactus, Ginger, and Artichoke, that promote a lower sugar intake by keeping the calories, carbohydrates, and glycemic levels low.

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ANTI-AGING – Try the Collagen and Cappuccino line– Contains Collagen for better appearance and texture of skin, and helps you to avoid premature aging.

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Other Awesome Benefits:

Energizes, gives you strength
Omega 3 benefits
Helps raise the immune system levels
Gives oxygen to cells
Helps with depression
Helps activate digestion
Immune Problems
Nervous System
Obesity – It encapsulates the fat and discharges it
Causes romantic symptoms
Stimulates natural endorphins in your body
1-2 cups per day prevents Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer. Works with the nervous system.

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Reference: Rosalva Mercado, Registered Nurse, Pharmacist, Nutritionist & Chef
Teaches Prevention, Cancer Survivor

$9.97 & 2 Bundles of Hair = 20k/month: Find Out How Today!


Women are emotional about hair and this 5A grade 100% Virgin Hair is In Demand. You can monetize in this hair weave industry for only $9.97. House of Beautiful Hair will give your own dream hair weave business with your own website, drop shipping, and customized hair boxes. For only $9.97 and 2 bundles of hair you will be on your way to 20k/month. Contact me on 410 493 4632 for a free consultation and please go to the back office login page to register via

No support from friends or family? Hear how Sherille Reached Platinum with HOBH without recruiting.


No support from friends or family? Hear How Sherille Reached Platinum with recruiting.


House of Beautiful Hair (HOBH) is unique opportunity in that you can make $20k/month by sponsoring the business partners who can see the vision of the business and can use the tools provided to become the next leader within the company. However, if you are not comfortable with talking about the business you can reach your leadership role by just selling the valuable product. In this link  , you will hear about Sherille Thorn, the most recent platinum leader and my immediate sponsor talk about how she became platinum within SEVEN months without help or support from friends or family. With such a winning team, we can all do this and so can you. Contact me on 410 493 4632 for a free consultation and please go to the back office login page to register via


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House of Beautiful Hair Pre-Launch Event – Atlanta!!


This is a must watch video! The vision of House of Beautiful Hair is to Empower People and Bring Wealth Back to Our Communities. It is already happening…Here from Bumni Moore, first person to hear about this business and also introduced me to the wonderful opportunity! #Hair is Money. Go to the back office to to register for free to get started and call me on 410 493 4632 for a free consultation.

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Ardyss Says Teach 3 Be Stress Free: How does this sound?


What Does Stress-Free Mean To You?

-Having more money?

-Not dependent on a job?

-Having more time for you and your family?

-Owning a house?

-Going on that much needed vacation?

-Pay off those loans?

-Helping your family members out of debt?

Ardyss says that a stress-free life is possible by enrolling three new Distributors with any of their Business Builder Packs and teaching them to enroll three new Distributors of their own. By doing so, you will increase your income and your organization will grow. Sounds good?
Listen closely to the video above with details about your opportunity of a stress-free life with Ardyss International with 10 ways you can make money—YES 10 LEGIT MONEY-MAKING STRATEGIES! Hear amazing and inspiring testimonies on the video and here on my website:

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Ardyss Transform 90 System Weight Loss Challenge—Lose Weight in an Exciting 3-step Proven System!


An appointment with Ardyss International will change your life! Yes, I know you hear this often with Ardyss, but they are the real deal especially when it comes to accelerated yet healthy body transformation. Imagine for a moment, within 90 days getting the body, the energy, the revitalization that you have been waiting for! The wait is finally over. This time, you have been given a unique opportunity NOT BY CHANCE but BY DIVINE TIMING. Today is Your Day For Real Results!

Listen closely, as the video talks about the 1) Make-Over Effect and Lipotransportation effect with the tissue training body reshapers, 2) Smart nutrition,  and 3) draw-dropping testimonies.

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Residual/Passive Income Opportunity: Hair Really Equals Money!!!


I just had to share this ground level superb business opportunity that has the potential of earnings of $1000’s upon $1000’s of serious green benjamin’s every day. The co-owner (Cameron Fields) of House of Beautiful Hair provides an articulate presentation on how ANYONE…I mean ANYONE including myself currently on how to break into an epic opportunity to break into the $10 Billion Dollar Hair Weave Industry. Those of you who spend over $200 or more on hair weave and are not getting any money for wearing the hair—well this is for you! If you are a salon owner and want to earn an extra $100k for your bottom line—then this is for you! Those of you who are business minded and understand the awesomeness of providing a product that is in real demand—then this is for you! This business opportunity moves the wealth out of the hands of those individuals in other countries that have been monopolizing this hair weave business and into YOUR COMMUNITY. I believe and you will too see how this company not only builds a solid foundation of wealth for you, but also for the people in your social circle and your immediate community. For more information contact me, Sarah at 410 493 4632 or go directly to my website and sign up and purchase two bundles of hair to get the fabulous hair experience at

I’m super excited to help you make that much needed income you have been longing for EASIER and SUSTAINABLE!!

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