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Diabetes- Eric was struggling with diabetes to the extent of requiring 5 shots of insulin per day. Once introduced to Red LeVive, he began taking 3 shots of LeVive per day, one ounce at a time. Within ONE WEEK, he was no longer requiring insulin. He says that he is a NEW person.

High Blood Pressure – Tracy had been taking 2 types of medication for her High Blood Pressure and 2 shots of insulin and medication for diabetes for 6 years. Her blood pressure would be 200 over 110. It was NEVER normal . She began taking the RedLeVive (2 oz twice per day) and Green LeVive ( 2 oz at night). Upon her next doctor visit (which was once per month) she was informed that she no longer had to take medication or shots and did not require monthly doctor visits and could return one year later. All of her numbers were normal.

Cancer – Pastor Glenn John was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer and it was predicted that he had 7 months to live. He refused the traditional route of chemotherapy or other forms of treatment but instead, upon hearing about the tremendous results from LeVive, he began drinking one bottle per day. Within one week, the excruciating pain began to subside. As he continued drinking the LeVive, his numbers began to improve. By the time 7 months came around, they could NOT find the cancer in his body.

Obesity -Robbi was very ill, taking over 28 medications per day for cancer, highblood pressure, arthritis, etc. She was very depressed. She was referred to our Nutri-Shake and within one month lost over 28 lbs and was able to get off of all 28 medications.

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Thank you for reading! Sexy is the new Healthy TODAY AND FOREVER.


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