Curb Your Appetite With Thermogen Tea Today!


Curb Your Appetite With Thermogen Tea Today!

Improve your weight loss management routine with Ardyss International Thermogen Tea. It is a delicious tea that helps to boost your metabolism by raising your body temperature or energy output. As your metabolism rises, fat cells are utilized as energy. Thermogen Tea assists in curbing your appetite, restoring the natural balance of your body, and aids weight loss.
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Welcome to Ardyss International innovative ULTRA CLEANSE COMBO PACK. Now detoxing and cleansing can happen straight from the comfort of your home…no more painful and expensive medical procedures! The Ultra cleanse combo pack contains one pill (cleanse) and one tea bag (detox) that contains powerful ingredients to clean out your intestines. GREAT HEALTH begins by cleaning out your INTESTINES.
If you are a first time cleanser, just use the combo pack for 30 days and once a quarter for 7-10 days.
Take the pill in the morning with an 8 oz. glass of water to avoid headaches or nausea. Performing an internal cleanse can sometimes create dehydration so water helps to flush everything that needs to be discharged. Diabetics should take the pill after breakfast (due to the sensitivity in their stomach). All others should take it 20 minutes before breakfast.

The tea should be taken at night after dinner. Diabetics should steep the tea for no more than 3 minutes. All others should steep the tea for 5 minutes. The tea helps the stomach muscles to function. When your colon and intestinal tract is backed up with waste, it creates a lazy muscle. Once the tea starts to work, you may feel a little cramping. Do not be alarmed. This is just the muscle starting to work again.

After you use the tea bag, set it aside and let it cool. Once it has cooled down, use the tea bag under your eyes to bring down swelling-AWESOME!!

The Ultra Cleanse Combo pack is needed before beginning any weight loss regimen. Without proper cleansing, you’re unable to release unwanted toxins, and absorb weight loss nutritional products.
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Ardyss Says Teach 3 Be Stress Free: How does this sound?


What Does Stress-Free Mean To You?

-Having more money?

-Not dependent on a job?

-Having more time for you and your family?

-Owning a house?

-Going on that much needed vacation?

-Pay off those loans?

-Helping your family members out of debt?

Ardyss says that a stress-free life is possible by enrolling three new Distributors with any of their Business Builder Packs and teaching them to enroll three new Distributors of their own. By doing so, you will increase your income and your organization will grow. Sounds good?
Listen closely to the video above with details about your opportunity of a stress-free life with Ardyss International with 10 ways you can make money—YES 10 LEGIT MONEY-MAKING STRATEGIES! Hear amazing and inspiring testimonies on the video and here on my website:

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Ardyss Transform 90 System Weight Loss Challenge—Lose Weight in an Exciting 3-step Proven System!


An appointment with Ardyss International will change your life! Yes, I know you hear this often with Ardyss, but they are the real deal especially when it comes to accelerated yet healthy body transformation. Imagine for a moment, within 90 days getting the body, the energy, the revitalization that you have been waiting for! The wait is finally over. This time, you have been given a unique opportunity NOT BY CHANCE but BY DIVINE TIMING. Today is Your Day For Real Results!

Listen closely, as the video talks about the 1) Make-Over Effect and Lipotransportation effect with the tissue training body reshapers, 2) Smart nutrition,  and 3) draw-dropping testimonies.

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Ardyss International: Can You Still Go From Rags to Riches?


My! My! My! It seems almost dreamy that a network marketing or multi-level marketing opportunity can legitimately create vast wealth in ordinary regular people in the United States and other nations across the globe–right? It seems too good to be true when you first hear about such opportunities. However, if truth be told when you look a little deeper into the core of the business model the story begins to unfold.

It is so true that many people in the United States and across the globe already purchase from companies that have a networking marketing business model and they have no clue! It is so true that you and I have purchased products from such companies such as Walmart, Sears, Target, and Macy’s that HELP distribute everyday products ALL DAY EVERY DAY! BUT, here is the KICKER many many many people don’t get paid. Nope, not one dime. Yet, they happily open up their purse strings and practically give away their hard earned money.

Now, here is the beauty of a network marketing opportunity if you are fortunate enough to have one drop in your lap:

1. You can get out of dept at an accelerated rate with an attractive compensation plan.
2. You can help many many people including people you know and don’t know improve their lives and status. –Imagine being able to help people get out of persistent tough times:)
3. You can earn a lucrative income by sharing where you purchase value-driven products.
4. You can buy your brand new car or brand new home.
5. You can travel much more–My personal favorite:)

All this and sooo much more! Yes, you have got to work hard what multi-millionnaire doesn’t work hard? And, Yes you will reap your rewards that YOU TRULY DESERVE AS A LIVING BREATHING HUMAN BEING!

Here is an internationally known opportunity that I’m dropping into your lap that focuses on Health, Wealth, and Power–ARDYSS INTERNATIONAL! I’m so proud of this company and its longevity. The folks in the video will tell you their testimony. What will be your testimony? Begin by experiencing the amazing products and business opportunities @

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Ardyss International Building Kingdom Millionnaires–Whaaaaaattt?


Jewel Tankard a well known multimillionaire is a Co-pastor of her and her husband’s church in Tennessee. Jewel is super passionate about narrowing the gap between multimillionaires and Christians in every community. I love that she is tuned into the fact that many Christians fail to realize that it is their Kingdom right to live wealthy and experience an abundant life without any lack. It is unfortunate that the poor believers can be sitting next to multimillionaire believer in the pew and not know it. Why? Because often times, the church (the people) wants to muzzle the testimonies of the rich because of this mind-set of “lets not brag now etc etc”. In my opinion, it is ridiculous to keep quiet about how God who is wealthier than the wealthiest has blessed You and I. How can He receive the glory that is due to him or even attract unbelievers to His Kingdom. SMH.

My people, my people…like the good book said “my people perish because of lack of knowledge”. If anything, please get knowledge after watching the video.!

Here is how Jewel first got her millions in network marketing via Ardyss International. Now, this opportunity is not coming to you by mistake @ Sign up today and Be Holy and Be Wealthy at the same time. Tick…Tock…Tick…Tock.

“It is I who gives you the power to create wealth”-Deut 8:18.

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