What’s in your coffee? Wake Up Healthy & Wealthy With De Leon Cafe (Ardyss)


What's in your coffee? Wake Up Healthy & Wealthy With De Leon Cafe (Ardyss)

Must watch video (just click on the picture)! Ardyss International has a well-established transformational coffee line known as De Leόn Café. This innovative coffee line has a perfectly balanced blend of formulas with exceptional flavor, aroma, and significant health benefits. Ardyss uses the highest quality of Coffee Bean – Arabica Coffee Bean from Africa that out qualifies the competition.

Here are some benefits:
WEIGHT LOSS – Try the Green Tea, or Original Black Coffee and Cappuccino line – They contain Ganodorma and Omega 3 that converts Fat to Energy, lowers sugar level, works with nervous system, and keeps you alert. Also lowers cholesterol and triglycerides

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DIABETES – Try the Sweet Balance line Cappuccino and Black Coffee line – They Ganoderma, Cactus, Ginger, and Artichoke, that promote a lower sugar intake by keeping the calories, carbohydrates, and glycemic levels low.

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ANTI-AGING – Try the Collagen and Cappuccino line– Contains Collagen for better appearance and texture of skin, and helps you to avoid premature aging.

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Other Awesome Benefits:

Energizes, gives you strength
Omega 3 benefits
Helps raise the immune system levels
Gives oxygen to cells
Helps with depression
Helps activate digestion
Immune Problems
Nervous System
Obesity – It encapsulates the fat and discharges it
Causes romantic symptoms
Stimulates natural endorphins in your body
1-2 cups per day prevents Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer. Works with the nervous system.

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Reference: Rosalva Mercado, Registered Nurse, Pharmacist, Nutritionist & Chef
Teaches Prevention, Cancer Survivor

Ardyss Says Teach 3 Be Stress Free: How does this sound?


What Does Stress-Free Mean To You?

-Having more money?

-Not dependent on a job?

-Having more time for you and your family?

-Owning a house?

-Going on that much needed vacation?

-Pay off those loans?

-Helping your family members out of debt?

Ardyss says that a stress-free life is possible by enrolling three new Distributors with any of their Business Builder Packs and teaching them to enroll three new Distributors of their own. By doing so, you will increase your income and your organization will grow. Sounds good?
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Ardyss Transform 90 System Weight Loss Challenge—Lose Weight in an Exciting 3-step Proven System!


An appointment with Ardyss International will change your life! Yes, I know you hear this often with Ardyss, but they are the real deal especially when it comes to accelerated yet healthy body transformation. Imagine for a moment, within 90 days getting the body, the energy, the revitalization that you have been waiting for! The wait is finally over. This time, you have been given a unique opportunity NOT BY CHANCE but BY DIVINE TIMING. Today is Your Day For Real Results!

Listen closely, as the video talks about the 1) Make-Over Effect and Lipotransportation effect with the tissue training body reshapers, 2) Smart nutrition,  and 3) draw-dropping testimonies.

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Ardyss International Building Kingdom Millionnaires–Whaaaaaattt?


Jewel Tankard a well known multimillionaire is a Co-pastor of her and her husband’s church in Tennessee. Jewel is super passionate about narrowing the gap between multimillionaires and Christians in every community. I love that she is tuned into the fact that many Christians fail to realize that it is their Kingdom right to live wealthy and experience an abundant life without any lack. It is unfortunate that the poor believers can be sitting next to multimillionaire believer in the pew and not know it. Why? Because often times, the church (the people) wants to muzzle the testimonies of the rich because of this mind-set of “lets not brag now etc etc”. In my opinion, it is ridiculous to keep quiet about how God who is wealthier than the wealthiest has blessed You and I. How can He receive the glory that is due to him or even attract unbelievers to His Kingdom. SMH.

My people, my people…like the good book said “my people perish because of lack of knowledge”. If anything, please get knowledge after watching the video. Please.com!

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“It is I who gives you the power to create wealth”-Deut 8:18.

Thank you for reading!